David Taylor

David is a Brisbane arborist passionate to improve the environment by encouraging the planting and management of Australian natives and removing weed species. He's a Christian and his hobbies include bee keeping, chickens and, of course, gardening. As a child he climbed trees constantly. He still does.

unsightly fronds hanging from a cocos palm in Brisbane

Cocos Palm

Syagrus romanzoffiana Family: Aracacaea Origin: Native to South America. Planted extensively throughout the mid-19th century and still popular in landscaping today, the Cocos Palm can be found all over Australia’s east coast, in Darwin, Western Australia, South Australia and in Tasmanian parks and garden. A long-lived palm, it can grow from 1-2 metres annually and …

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African Tulip flowers kill Australian native bees.

African Tulip

Spathodea campanulata Family: Bignoniaceae           Origin: Native to the tropical, dry forests of Western Africa. With their flaming red flowers, African Tulips Trees have been popularly used as ornamental plants, decorating the suburban streets and gardens of Australia’s tropical and subtropical regions. However, they have become a serious, invasive threat in Northern …

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Alexander palms in Calamvale, Brisbane

Alexander Palm

Archontophoenix alexandrae Family: Aracacaea         Origin: Native to Northern and Central Queensland, Australia A key feature of the Alexander Palm is its capacity to tolerate heavy inundation under heavy rain events. This survival quality has made the palm a dominant species in tropical Queensland. It is not locally native to Brisbane so the …

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close-up of yellow leopard tree flowers

Leopard Tree

Libidibia ferrea formerly Caesalpinia ferreaFamily: Fabaceae Origin: Native to Brazil and Bolivia, South America A large, semi-deciduous tree, the Leopard Tree can be pruned to a size suitable for suburban streets. This feature, its ornamental floral and autumn leaf display plus its hardiness in drought and frost conditions have seen the tree used by many …

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foxtail palm in algester, brisbane

Foxtail Palm

Wodyetia bifurcata Family: Arecaceae        Origin: Endemic to Cape Melville, Northern Queensland Foxtail palms are now prolific not just in Brisbane but all over the world in tropical and sub-tropical climates. That’s quite remarkable, considering they were unknown to the world just over thirty years ago. They were brought to botanists attention in …

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Downpipes usually get blocked at either the base or from the gutter above being blocked, usually the latter. By simply cleaning your gutters, your downpipes will probably drain water again. However, we check operation of your downpipes when we are cleaning your gutters and advise if further work is required.

close-up of a poinciana flower


Delonix regia Family:     Fabaceae   Origin: Poincianas are native to Madagascar The common name Poinciana comes from the tree originally being placed in the genus of the same name. It has also been called flamboyant and, along with many other trees, flame tree. It has become naturalised in many countries into which it has …

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A flowering Jacaranda in Brisbane


Jacaranda mimosafolia Family: Bignoniaceae          Origin: South America While Jacaranda is the name of a genus of 49 species of trees and shrubs, in Brisbane Jacaranda usually refers to Jacaranda mimosafolia. They have been grown in Brisbane since popularized by the original botanic gardens in the 1800’s. Goodna even has an annual Jacaranda …

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