Camphor Laurel

camphor laurel in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane

Cinnamomum camphora Family: Lauraceae           Origin: China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam While the camphor laurel is an invasive weed here in Australia, in its native lands of Asia, some larger specimens of this tree are considered monuments and are very much loved by the people who live around them. In Japan, Kamou no Ohkusu is a very large and old (possibly over … [Read more...]

Canary Island Date Palm

Canary Island date palm crown

Phoenix canariensis Family: Arecaceae          Origin: Canary Islands Technically invasive but somehow is forgiven by many; the Canary Island Date Palm (a close relative of the true Date Palm) is widespread in most tropical and subtropical lands around the world. In some areas, it’s naturalized and stands solitarily, enjoyed in the landscapes and gardens of people around the … [Read more...]

Umbrella Tree

The flower of an Umbrella tree

Schefflera actinophylla Family: Araliaceae          Origin: Australia, New Guinea, and Java. Naturalised in South East Qld and other places. While this is an Australian native, the Umbrella tree or Schefflera actinophylla can end up being a nightmare in cultivation and in some applications. Knowing where to plant this beauty can help you avoid many of the common problems … [Read more...]


Cadaghi tree, Brisbane

Corymbia torreliana Family: Myrtaceae          Origin: Queensland, Australia Cadaghi are yet another example of an endemic tree that enjoys taking over civilized life. Especially invasive, this tree has been banned from cultivation in many parts of the world. Despite all of its positive characteristics that it’s evolved in the wild, these same characteristics make it a very … [Read more...]

Chinese Elm

David climbing Chinese elm for removal in Brisbane

Celtis sinensis Family: Cannabaceae          Origin: China, Japan, North Korea, And Vietnam A very beautiful tree, probably one of the most ornamental of all elm species, the Chinese Elm has found an almost too happy place in Australian landscapes as it’s become highly invasive. It spreads its seed easily in the wind and is self-pollinating. Since it’s so tough, it’s been … [Read more...]

African Tulip

African Tulip flowers kill Australian native bees.

Spathodea campanulata Family: Bignoniaceae           Origin: Native to the tropical, dry forests of Western Africa. With their flaming red flowers, African Tulips Trees have been popularly used as ornamental plants, decorating the suburban streets and gardens of Australia’s tropical and subtropical regions. However, they have become a serious, invasive threat in Northern … [Read more...]


A flowering Jacaranda in Brisbane

Jacaranda mimosafolia Family: Bignoniaceae          Origin: South America While Jacaranda is the name of a genus of 49 species of trees and shrubs, in Brisbane Jacaranda usually refers to Jacaranda mimosafolia. They have been grown in Brisbane since popularized by the original botanic gardens in the 1800's. Goodna even has an annual Jacaranda festival, making it even harder … [Read more...]