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Are you looking for a brisbane arborist? We provide various arboricultural services in the Brisbane region including tree assessment and diagnosis, PHC (plant health care), safe tree removal, tree pruning to Australian Standards, palm removal, palm cleaning and stump grinding. For trees suffering disease or invasion of foreign organisms we provide additional custom services for each diagnosis specialising in biological and mechanical control (no chemicals).

Many of our customers have used tree loppers in the past with poor results. Especially for pruning of your trees, proper training and education is necessary. Untrained tree loppers cut branches incorrectly, often stripping bark. Even worse, they usually trim branches at the wrong point leading to ‘watersprouts’. Watersprouts are long, spindley branches that grow from stubs left from poor pruning practices. They grow fast, giving property owners bad value for the money the spend on tree services. Alternatively, cutting branches in the wrong place can lead to deadwood, the branch rotting back to the trunk of the tree and causing further damage. Arborists, Brisbane prune trees the right way avoiding such problems.

arborist report for risk mitigation of brisbane tree
Pruning to reduce risk of branch failure in a Brisbane tree.

When we attend a property to advise Brisbane residents about tree problems, we very often find that the initial stressor for the tree was incorrect pruning techniques last time their tree was pruned. For example, every poinciana we treat for caterpillar defoliation has been badly pruned in the last two years. As Brisbane arborists we are trained in, and have been tested on, correct pruning methods.

Australian standards do not permit spiking of trees when they are being pruned, a practice adhered to by arborists but ignored by unskilled tree loppers. Additionally, they state where branches should be pruned and other regulations that promote tree health. They also cover aspects of safety for climbers, which no-one working in trees can afford to ignore.

Importantly in our industry, we have been trained in correct workplace health and safety practices. Safety is obviously paramount when working at heights, and also when using chainsaws and heavy machinery such as wood chippers and stump grinders. Those who work without training are often breaking workplace health and safety legislation. That can put property owners in a difficult situation if a worker is injured in their property. Using an arborist provides layers of protection from such problems. For example, the International Society of Arboriculture requires proof of insurance before certifying members. Of course, there’s also the education and accountability involved in being a member.

If you are looking for a Brisbane arborist please call us on 1800 Tree Dr (1800 873337) or phone David on his mobile phone: 04 888 ARBOR = 04 888 27267.



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