Arborist Reports

An arborist report is a legal document by a qualified arborist to communicate the state of trees to statutory authorities or local government organisations. It usually includes observations of tree vigour and condition and recommendations to mitigate risks, if present.

Health and Condition Assessments
Usually for homeowners to protect their home and tree assets, a health and condition assessment provides expert documentation of trees’ vigour and damage it may have suffered. It usually includes
• species identification,
ground based Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) and measurements,
• recommendations to improve trees’ health, and
• suggested remediation to reduce risk to property.
Where a tree has a health issue it may include soil sampling, diagnostic testing, and laboratory investigations.

Arborist’s Report to Remove Protected Trees
Sometimes trees protected under the Natural Assets Local Law 2003 (NALL) require pruning or removal due to deterioration of their condition. We can assess such trees and report on their health and condition to communicate the situation to the Brisbane City Council or other LGA.
Trees protected under NALL such as significant landscape trees are often aged and can suffer from disease and damage. We assess the trees as well as the risk of failure and make recommendations accordingly.
Arborist Report for Tree Disputes
While we try to resolve problems caused by trees, and often do, if a solution is unreachable we can provide an arborist report assessing the problems caused by trees or bamboo. Whether the cause is
• a dangerous tree
• damage caused by roots,
• overhanging branches, or
• falling leaves,
we can provide a report detailing the condition and effect of the offending tree.

Tree Hazard Risk Assessment Report
Often for businesses or government bodies including schools, Tree Hazard Risk Assessment Reports assist organisations manage the risk inherent in tree assets. Whether one tree in a carpark or broad-scale tree risk assessment, we can help in identifying hazards to mitigate the chance of unexpected tree failure.

Development Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report
We are very familiar with Brisbane City Council and surrounding areas’ bylaws (especially Natural Assets Local Laws – NALL), and use our knowledge to provide realistic, detailed reports to assist in tree assessment for development applications. Our reports address AS4970 Protection of trees on development sites with understanding of local government bodies’ and statutory authorities’ requirements.

Preliminary Arboricultural Assessment
A preliminary assessment of trees on a site can quickly identify which trees will need to be considered in the design of a development. By identifying the trees, taking measurements, and mapping Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) and Structural Root Zones (SRZ), engineers and architects can proceed with initial planning of projects.

Tree Root Reports
Whether to identify trees responsible for subsidence or to locate the source of root problems, we are skilled in root mapping. We can also provide solutions including root barriers and soil remediation and are qualified under AS4373 Pruning of Amenity Trees to calculate the Structural Root Zone (SRZ) of trees and to prune roots.

Expert Witness
We are familiar with Qld laws affecting trees, including the The Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011. We can provide our own arborist to appear as an expert witness in legal proceedings.

Aerial (Climbing) Tree Reports
We are one of few Brisbane arborists to be able to provide aerial inspections of trees to gather data for tree reports which is not able to be assessed from ground-based assessments. For example, if a tree limb is in a critical position it is prudent to conduct an aerial inspection to ensure the top of the branch is not damaged.

Tree being assessed by a climbing arborist

Site Supervision
In accordance with AS4970:2009 Protection of trees on development sites, local government development application (DA) approvals are likely to be conditional on the retention and protection of at least some of the trees on site. We can provide specifications for tree protection and replanting and carry out the supervision required in the development approval conditions.

Tree Valuation
If a tree has been damaged by collision or contaminants a valuation may be required to assess the cost of compensation. Valuations may also be required to assess required tree preservation bonds for developments. We are able to provide valuations using industry best-practices to ensure accuracy and fairness.

Tree Planning, Selection, and Design
We can provide expert advice on species selection and subsequent purchasing and planting of stock to fulfil development conditions and for property owners to maximise the return on their tree assets for the future. Our services can include site assessment and testing of stock for compliance with AS 2303:2015 Tree stock for landscape use.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan
When Brisbane suffered an infestation of poinciana loopers, Brisbane Trees and Gardens developed a novel integrated pest management plan that was credited with saving dozens of treasured poinciana trees. We have also developed IPM plans for controlling scale in Syzigium species. If you have a pest issue, consider having us either implement a current IPM we have developed or customise a solution to limit pests affecting your tree assets.

Education and Training
We have provided education and training both to other Brisbane tree service businesses and to property managers to assist them in managing tree and garden assets.
Brisbane Trees and Gardens is properly qualified, insured, and equipped to provide these arborist reports and services.