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As qualified aborists, Brisbane Trees and Gardens can complete your tree lopping work. Tree lopping has a bad name among arborists. It’s synonymous with ‘lopping’ of trees, to take off the crown of the tree which results in a tree lacking structural integrity. Anyone can call themselves a tree lopper, whether trained or untrained, insured or not.

We are tree loppers, to the extent we remove and trim trees and palms, so by all means ask us for a quote if you are looking for tree lopping. However, as arborists we work to Australian Standards and have an Australian level 5 qualification. It means we have learned how to lop, better to say prune, trees in a way that takes care of the tree or palm.

If we are removing it, we will do so having been trained in tree assessment and safe-work procedures. This website is an example of our commitment to our profession.

The proprietor of Brisbane Trees and Gardens started out working as a tree lopper over a decade ago. However, with knowledge and education came a different style of work. Arboriculture is taking over from tree lopping as committed tree service workers learn how to prune trees in a way that benefits the tree in both its health and aesthetics.

It also means we can provide other services to maintain the health of your trees. We can diagnose diseases and nutritional deficiencies and test your soil for problems. We can cable trees with structural faults to extend their life. We can even transplant trees of high value rather than cutting them down.

Our prices are competitive with tree loppers in Brisbane, so you aren’t paying any more for professional service. We hope it gives you confidence in our commitment to our work as well as assurance you aren’t dealing with tradesmen lacking in knowledge.

As part of our certification we commit to not spiking trees unnecessarily unless removing them. This keeps trees from unnecessary wounding which can lead to infection by bacteria. Tree spikes also cause unsightly scarring on trees.

Further, pruning trees incorrectly causes fast-growing spindly branches called watersprouts or epicormic shoots. The fast growth of these branches means you need to keep having your trees trimmed every couple of years. By trimming trees to Australian Standards for pruning amenity trees 4373,  we avoid epicormic shoots so your trees don’t need regular pruning. We train trees in the way you want them to grow.

If you are looking for tree lopping in Brisbane, give yourself a free upgrade by hiring an arborist. Phone David on 0488 827 267 for a free consultation with an arborist. Your trees will thank you and you will have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with professionals committed to doing their work with knowledge and ethics.

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  1. Hi
    I have an 80ft Norfolk Island Pine in my small backyard and wish to remove some of the lower branches over my house. Will this effect the health of the tree? The top fronds look dry – does that mean the tree is unhealthy or dying? The rest of the tree is green

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